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Lamont - Regional Queenslands Leading Trade Signage Manufacturer

Changes In The Signage Industry


Over the past decade the signage industry has moved in a similar direction to many other service industries.  You will have noticed that there are fewer and fewer "traditional" signage businesses starting up.


By traditional we mean the businesses where the owner is a Trade Qualified Signwriter, and who invest in large, expensive printers that manufacture the signage for installation or supply to your clients.  And add to this the "consolidation" or merger of sign businessess, plus the closing down of retiring long term operators.

Increasing Structural Challenges


At the same time, the investment needed to keep your equipment up to date and fully maintained is increasing.  The difficulty getting "good staff" to operate that equipment is increasing as fewer and fewer technicians are available.  And the range of signage products that clients are demanding (thanks to the internet) is also increasing.  All these add up to pressure on the signage industry to adapt, and quickly.

Sign Business - Trade Supplier Partnership


At Lamont, after decades of signage experience, we recognized that nearly all signage businesses were in a similar position with similar challenges.  While we loved being able to manufacture just about everything in-house for our clients - it was getting more and more difficult.  To grow our business we decided that we were in a uniquely qualified position to help and partner with other signage businesses. 


Then, with further investment in our now amazing facility and equipment fleet, we could improve both the quality and the turnaround time for jobs for our trade clients.  This allows our trade clients to focus on what they are good at, and removes a large percentage of the stress and frustration of signage production.  They can print in-house, or send the job to us.

Our motto is "We want to be part of your job, we don't want your client!"

Now our trade signage network has grown across all of Queensland (and one in Melbourne!), with new enquiries most weeks from business owners looking to reduce their headaches, simplify, and likely improve their bottom lines.

1. Uniquely Qualified Technical Support For Your Signage Business

With our long history in the sign business, our team offers trade clients a valuable consulting support service.  We enjoy knowing our clients by name, and we have meet you face to face when we can.

You can benefit because we can assist or brainstorm to help you find a way to best deliver for your client.  

Client Means "Under our protection or guidance"

This means our team won't be shy in querying inputs, pointing out any risks or suggesting an alternative method for the job.  We really do want the job to go well!

2. Awesome Production & State of the Art Supply Capabilities

Check out our video capability statement. The virtual tour shows off our fleet of print and signage equipment.  We have the capacity to give you the amazingly fast turnaround (with no "premium" price for that speed) and the predictable, consistent, quality supply that you need for your business to thrive.  

We invested heavily so you don't have to now. We continue to invest so you won't have to later.

In the simplest terms, having access to Lamont as your trade supplier means that you can also now also go for bigger (and better) jobs and clients that may have beyond your capacity when you were by yourself.

3. Trade Clients Receive Our Trusted "White Label" Manufacturing Service

What does "White Label" Trade Supply mean for your signage businesses?  White Label means that when Lamont's produce your job - we are super careful to ensure that your products are ONLY identifiable with YOUR branding.

Generally jobs will be sent to your address, but in instances where product is sent directly to your client, the product is unbranded and paperwork will show as coming from YOUR address.

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