Trade Signage & Print Suppliers

As the leading manufacturers of signage and wide format printing in Regional Queensland, Lamont is able to offer a valuable and unique service to the signage industry.  We provide our trade clients with a contemporary business model which evolves to meet their changing needs.  It includes the highest quality print and signage in predictably fast turnaround times, combined with technical and problem-solving support.   Read on to find out just how we do it...

1. Uniquely Qualified Technical Support For Your Signage Business

With our long history in the sign business, our team offers trade clients a valuable consulting support service.  We enjoy knowing our clients by name, and we have met all of them face to face - despite Covid.

You can benefit because we can assist or brainstorm to help you find a way to deliver for your client.  

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2. Awesome Production & State of the Art Supply Capabilities

Check out our video capability statement. The virtual tour shows off our fleet of print and signage equipment.  We have the capacity to give you the amazing turnaround and predictable supply that you need for your business to thrive.

We have invested heavily so you don't have to. And will continue to invest heavily so you don't have to.

We innovate so you get full advantage of having the best production capacity - without the cost of investing in the equipment and an expert team to operate and maintain it.

3. Trade Clients Receive Our Trusted "White Label" Manufacturing Service

What does "White Label" Trade Supply mean for your signage businesses?  White Label means that when Lamont's produce your job - we are super careful to ensure that your products are ONLY identifiable with YOUR branding.

Generally jobs will be sent to your address, but in instances where product is sent directly to your client, the product is unbranded and paperwork will show as coming from YOUR address.

Our Trade Clients choose to partner with us because we recognize that trust is the strongest basis to build a great business.