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Printing Beer Keg Collars - For A Great Brewery in Townsville

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

An interesting signage job for Townsville Brewing Co. Beer keg collars! Printed on our environmentally friendly HP R1000 at our Townsville facility.

Did you know?

Lamonts are leading the way with environmentally friendly (recyclable) signage creation in North Queenland. Not only that, but our new printing power means that your signage does not smell nasty and toxic.

The R1000 uses a water based ink which safer, less damaging to the environment, and ideal for all business signage. The old printers are solvent based - which you can tell by their smell. From a business perspective - you can now get a better, safer, environmentally friendly product with no nasty smells for the same investment as the old, nastier version.

On top of that, Lamont now offers recyclable corflute (Encore) signage. You get brilliant colours and impact, and when you are finished the corflute can be recycled and used again. Previously corflute signage used stickers (solvent based print) on top of the corflute - this made that old version a critical problem for disposal. It went to landfill, and the solvents eventually leached into the soil and groundwater.

Townsville based manufacturer Lamont can provide you with the answers to your business and organizational signage needs. North Queensland locals caring for locals.

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