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Perfect Custom Stickers for Sign Suppliers, Graphic Artists, Marketing Firms & Project Managers

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

One of the most useful tools in business promotion is well designed stickers for use in retail, service firms and organizations.

In retail, the use of high impact custom designed contoured stickers can increase impulse sales, improve upsell conversions, explain benefits, educate and illustrate different sizes and options, and generally improve the experience of your shoppers.

The size, colour and shapes of stickers are limited only by your imagination. They can be reflective, self adhesive to very easy use or even created to be permanent in your store. You will notice that the big brand retail and groups have a whole teams of talented people pumping out new items to keep their stores fresh and the customer experience popping.

In service firms stickers are one of the simplest yet most powerful tools to help build loyalty as well as almost guaranteeing future work. Ever had your vehicle serviced because there was a sticker reminding you when it was needed and who to call? Ever looked up at an airconditioner that was making your summer a misery, noticed the sticker on the side for service, and just dialed immediately to get it fixed or replaced?

Any business with equipment use, either inhouse or external can make custom contoured stickers a very valuable tool. Might be as simple as stickers for each or your vehicles to keep track of servicing or usage.

Lamont has the ideal equipment and highly trained team to take the beautiful work from your graphic artist or marketing company and quickly turn it into a productive tools for your business. Our amazing Kongsberg Cutting Table has the power and flexibility to deliver exactly the quality and finish that makes custom stickers a super power for your business or organization. Our HP Latex printer produces scintillatingly superior graphic quality on practically every surface you can dream up.

This combination means that Lamont is a favoured trade supplier for sign suppliers in regional Queensland. Stickers can be an absolute pain to get right, even if you have the right equipment unless you do them regularly. Happily, the Lamont team loves stickers!

We specialize in short run printing and cutting of custom designed, shaped stickers. Once your graphic artist, trade sign supplier, project manager or marketing company has ensured your artwork is production ready - your job is done.

Lamont Signs Are Trade Suppliers for Short Runs of Custom Designed, Shaped (Contour Cut) Stickers including Reflective, Self Adhesive & Permanent.

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