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Double Container Wrap Signage Makes Spectacular Impact for Townsville New Home Builders

Feature: Leading Townsville New Home Builders Tropical Homes New Double Decker Signage Has Great Impact on Passing Traffic

Signage using single and double containers as the support base has several advantages:

  • The containers can be stacked 2-high to give huge exposure. In this case there is over 150 square metres of impact space. As a comparison billboards are usually 18 to 36 square metres.

  • The site can be fitted with solar array and lighting so that impact is possible for 24 hours a day.

  • You do need an engineering certificate, and Council approval is required. No inground footings are usually required.

  • This resource can be moved and used at different locations, with the save signage or with a new "wrap".

Well done to Tropical Homes for their creativity and decision to recycle and reuse resources to help take care of our environment. The "wraps" for this project are also printed using latex (water based) systems, which are environmentally friendly.

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