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Custom Signage Shaping - How To 10X The Impact of Your Signs in Under 60 Seconds

If you are using signage in your business - here is how to multiply it's impact right from the moment you put it up. What is the ONE THING that when applied to a relevant sign makes it more noticable, more powerful at giving a better experience, and so therefore more memorable and more likely to produce a result for you?

The idea is simple. It is to SHAPE your signage. Changing the shape away from the standard rectangular version makes the sign "jump". It is like comparing a poster of Santa with cutout of Santa - which ones will the kids notice?

Ever wondered the most successful retailers have people that do nothing other than design signage, both internal and external? And do they use boring rectangular signs or sticker? Well, sometimes. But mostly they use custom shaped (called "contoured") signs because they work better. Better ROI. Better experience. And do not cost much more.

If you know your business numbers, you know the kinds of return that improving your instore conversion can deliver. Your average sale can increase. Your number of items per sale can increase. Your customer loyalty rating can increase (leading to increased numbers in store visits and reduce lost customers). Even if it double the cost of your signage (it doesn't) - your increased gross profit would quickly recover that cost.

Experienced marketing companies, retail project managers, graphic artists, shop designers and trade sign makers are at last waking up to the simple power of custom shaped signs. They look better and they work better. The better companies will now offer you an option when you ask for an interior sign - custom shaped or rectangular?

The smart operators have been using custom signage for a decade. Why would you even consider having a boring rectangular sign when the cut-out, shaped version is what works better?

Lamont Signs is the preferred signage manufacturer and advisor for trade signage companies, experienced graphic artists who specialise in business graphics, marketing companies, business graphic artists and project managers for retail/shopping centre companies.

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