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Custom Printed & Shaped Acoustic Tiles In Modern Offices

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The DISNEYLAND Secret: Why Custom Printed and Shaped Acoustic Panels Should Be Mandatory in Modern Office Environments - Townsville Case Study

The hottest trend in office design is to make the environment in your workplace as friendly to humans as possible. In ancient times (last century) this was achieved with decent airconditioning - with great temperature control, and very few hot or cold "spots". Then we evolved into "open space" offices with meeting spaces off to one side to keep the noise levels down.

Natural light was and is highly valued, and close proximity to windows is still a prize.

New Technology: Improved Noise Control + Custom Printing

Walls have become an opportunity to add uplifting images or team cultural values to the environment. In the past, you might have painted the wall a nice colour to either calm or excite your team. With new hybridization of high quality printing and acoustic (sound reducing) panels - your walls have the potential to not massively improve the acoustics, but to add a quantum leap in the visual presentation of your space.

Full height acoustic panels with high quality print of whatever conveys the value of your business or organization can turn your spare wall space into a major asset. Your team, and the visitors to your HQ cannot fail to make conclusions about your company - based on what they experience in the environment. (See below for Townsville Enterprise's use of acoustic panels in their new HQ.)

Any organization that invests in getting their environment done "right", is at a different level to those who do not. When you invest in the environment, you are investing in your team and you are investing in your Brand. A great working environment can help with recruitment, with production and retention. How much is a 5% reduction in staff turnover worth to you? Or 5% increase in productivity - perhaps simply because there is less background noise in the room?

The Secret of Office Design from Walt Disney

And remember that "Disney World" case model where the first perceptions of visitors to a site is the first and most vital part of amazing positioning for your business? Leading companies are very aware of this, and invest it ensuring that everything from the entrance to the carpark all the way to the meeting rooms passes a test. The "test" - Do this object ADD or DETRACT from the experience of vistors (and our staff) as they enter our HQ? There is no "neutral" - every item is plus or minus. And no "minus" is allowed.

Disney went to the extent of having the white fences along the road TO the carparks freshly WHITEWASHED EVERY NIGHT! No litter, no weeds, no cracks in the path were allowed. Disney understood that perception bias is heavily weighted toward the front end. What people perceive first has more weight than things perceived later, AND set the frame for later perceptions.

A great Case Example here comes from Townsville Enterprise Ltd (TEL). Recognizing the power of ensuring that every choice made in the creation of their environment - they selected the technology combination with the most power to "ADD" positivity. That combination is high quality acoustic panels with carefully designed custom print that upgrades the sound balance AND delivers a positive visual impact.

A Great Example of Corporate Branding & Positioning - Townsville Enterprise Ltd Boardroom

Check out the video below where custom printed (by Lamont in Townsville) acoustic panels were added to a bland Gyprock wall of the TEL Boardroom. It turned an anonymous room into the new home for TEL in Townsville. When you walk into this room now, you know where you are, and you will automatically have drawn positive conclusions about the people and the organization.

Well done to TEL on their new HQ, and the way they are setting it up for future growth.

How Can You Upgrade Your Workplace With Acoustic Panels and Custom Printing?

Acoustic panels come in standard sheet sizes, and with the right printing techology (eg HP Latex 1000) you can print full colour for amazing impact. Your supplier also needs access to a high end cutting table (Lamont has a Kongsberg System), so that the panels can be sized exactly. The Kongsberg Table can also "contour" your panels to any shape you wish. (Shaping your signage can multiply the impact - compare the experience to children of a rectangular poster of the Easter Bunny versus a precise "cut-out" of the Easter Bunny.)

Also note that unlike the older printing technologies there are no nasty fumes from solvents, which is also very important for your environment.

The effect of these panels on even one wall in your workplace makes a HUGE difference to the noise levels. The acoustic surface absorbs the sound - stopping the reverberation and echoing, and reducing the total noise significantly. You don't need to do every wall to get excellent improvements. And it works whether you are in Disneyland or in Townsville...

More Examples of Acoustic Panels in the Workplace.

For more information on this service, please contact Steve Lamont.

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