Family Operated.
Est. 2005

The Lamont name has earned a reputation for eye-catching print and impeccable quality in North Queensland, with their work emblazoned across many buildings, billboards, banners and business vehicles. Founded by Stephen Lamont, who began a career as an autographic designer straight out of school, and Daniel Lamont, who began working in the family business straight out of school, LAMONT is one of Townsville’s own.


After building a reputation for 12 years through the Townsville business community, the LAMONT team decided to broaden their horizons in the next step toward large-scale print. After taking a trip to Singapore to see the newest and biggest in print technology, they came home as the proud new owners of a HP Latex 1500. The first of it's kind north of Brisbane, and the largest latex printer North QLD has ever seen.

Part of the decision to make the step towards super wide format print was that they could see too many businesses trying to maximise profits by getting things made down south or overseas, not realising that the money is flowing away from Townsville and our local businesses. By offering retail and wholesale pricing on their large format printing, LAMONT gives other local companies the chance to receive a service that is keeping the money in North Queensland, while improving other businesses turn-around time and keeping local relationships strong.

LAMONT has always kept their impact on their environment first and foremost, and aim to continue down this track. The HP Latex 1500 not only offered the newest in technology and print, but boasted Green Solutions ink to minimise toxicity and protect our environment.

Since purchasing the HP Latex 1500, they have added an Esko Kongsberg cutting table, a HP Sitex FB550 flatbed printer, and a welder - so that they can turn around the printing and finishing of your signage faster than ever!


They are proud to have started here, at home, in Townsville. It’s always been a city they felt safe to take a chance in and, having grown up here, they know their clients well.


Even when it means absorbing extra cost, the LAMONT 

team believe in ‘keeping it local’. They're passionate about using local suppliers as they're a family business first and foremost and they want to put back into other local businesses that sustain families like theirs. Townsville companies have a reputation for loyalty, which breeds strong relationships that last the test of time. 


You’ve probably seen LAMONT's signage at charitable events... but you wouldn’t know it as they never brand any of these jobs, believing it’s not about them but, rather, the cause being supported.


Sure that Townsville will continue to grow steadily, becoming ever more metropolitan, LAMONT are confident their company will remain for future generations to take the reins, and plan to deliver the same standard of personal service they have always offered.