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Our Equipment

Our purpose designed (dust-proof and air-conditioned) Townsville facility has a carefully chosen equipment fleet.  All equipment was selected specifically to give Lamont the ability to consistently deliver the best possible quality print with shortest turnaround for our network of signage professionals in regional Queensland.

Our location in Townsville means that we can deliver to our network faster with lower delivery costs compared to metro signage manufacturers.


We then created the commitment to deliver a level of support and advice to our regional network that was not available from the very large, impersonal signage manufacturers.  This has developed to where Lamont has a rock-solid reputation for trust and reliability from our network.  We take it as a rule that we will do all things possible to ensure that a job goes well for all concerned.

Our equipment is now extremely modern and allows huge burst capacity and rapid turnaround.  Here are just some:

HP Latex R1000 Plus




Our new R1000 Plus is a powerful, precise, latex based printer that is capable of producing extraordinary brightness and clarity.  














HP Latex 1500 (x2):


This superb machine is a workhorse that allows fast production with great quality in prints up to 3.2m roll width.  It is such a great asset we have two.

Esko Kongsberg Cutting Table


This cutting table is the most versatile digital finishing device on the market. It processes the widest variety of materials. It has the highest throughput of any super-wide digital finisher, period.  The Kongsberg is the only super-wide finisher with a 3kW continuous duty high-performance milling unit.

It suits our production extremely well.

HP Latex 800W


This powerful unit is extremely useful and allows fast turnaround of amazing quality white ink printing alongside the R1000 Plus.  

Miller Weldmaster t300:


This well designed machine allows the best possible welding quality, and it is fast!

HP R1000 Plus Printer Lamont Townsville.jpg
Latex1500 Lamont Townsville.webp
Latex1500 Lamont Townsville.webp
Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 9.47.06 am.png
Latex800w Lamont Townsville.webp
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