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September Builder's Fence (Builders Mesh) Sale - $650 Bonus Site Signs

This promotion is specifically for builders.  It is for commercial, domestic and project builders who use "Builders Mesh" and who use Site Signs.

From now until the end of September - You get 10 (TEN) FREE SITE SIGNS WITH EVERY PURCHASE of 50 Metres or more of Builders Fence Mesh.  You will pay about $780* per 50 metres - and you will get $650 worth of Site Signs. FREE.  (* for standard height with standard ink coverage.)


"Builders Fence Mesh" is also called "Scrim", "Advertising Fence Mesh" - just like the image below as provided for the awesome Townsville Fringe Festival.  

What to do:  Call Lamonts for more details on 0439 832 666 , or use the Contact Us Button below.

Lamont Signs Townsville Art Festival Fence Mesh Signage 600.jpg

Builders Fence Mesh - Advertising, Dust Suppression, Security

This sale is to celebrate the purchase of our latest printing and signage equipment.   Keep your eyes peeled for other promotions.  
Builders Fence Mesh is one of the very best investments available to a builder.  You get massive exposure for your building site - bringing you more business plus enhanced awareness.  

And with promotion you can also ensure that your site signs always look "schmick" - helping with the impression created for your business by the fence mesh signage.

We suggest you adopt the policy of keeping your site as clean as a whistle so that your new exposure is as positive as possible.  Fence mesh can be re-used a number to times.

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