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Custom Printing & Signage

Signage & Printing Made Easy

Building Signs

Your business can have impact.  It can have a unique excitement.  Your first impression leads to your next impression.  Your building can exclaim your presence to the world - or it can blend in with mediocrity.  You choose, we can help.


Civil Projects,  Construction & Safety

Construction site fencing can be an amazing promotional tool for builders and civil contractors.  And the right fencing will make or break your event or marketing promotion. Your ROI on site signage is exhilarating!


Exterior Signs

Communicate by choice, not by omission. What do your promotional materials say about you?  Faded, sagging, sad and lame?  Powerful, energetic, emotive and inspiring?

You choose, we can help.

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Indoor Signs

Can you tell a dynamic, category leading business just by checking out their displays, their signage, their promotions, their menus?  You know you can.  Impact and energy drive conversions.  Custom shaped signage?  We can help you with that...

One area of expertise is Custom Shaped Stickers for use in retail, service businesses, businesses with any equipment, in any shape with options of permanent, waterproof, and so on.

Check out the wonderful impact that custom printed acoustic panels can have in your business or organization.  Why Custom Printed Acoustic Panels Should Be Mandatory.

Preferred supplier for sign trade, graphic artists, project manager and marketing companies.


Lamont is North Queensland's premium signage and printing manufacturer.  With state-of-the-art equipment in a custom designed facility in Townsville, Lamonts can deliver practically any custom signage. 


Whether you need vinyl fence banner mesh, signage for your office, acoustic (sound reducing) panels for your sales or conference areas, specific retail displays made for impact and conversion, your windows, your walls, your vehicle wrap, your events, your flags and banners, or the perfect billboard - we have the experience and ability to help!

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