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Billboards, Banners & Skins

Quality and Service is Our Promise to You

Billboards, banners and skins were the primary products Lamont Print and Signs designed the initial purchase of the HP latex 1500 to produce, firstly in-house and now sevicing Queensland from Gladstone in the south,  to  Port Douglas in the north and west to Mt Isa.

The banner we use is quality 500gsm banner which has a warranty of 3yrs. Print resolution is 600dpi regardless of image, and 2 pack coating is available if extended longevity is required beyond 3 yrs.

Try us and you will be pleased with the best quality results and fastest turnaround that we pride ourselves on producing.


Printing details

Banners form a staple part of the worldwide advertising market. Here at Lamont Print and Sign we print locally, banners for the billboard, display and retail markets.


From the 2 HP Latex 1500 printers, we produce 600 dpi Hi resolution prints onto 500 gsm premium banner stock up to 3.2m wide. The banner is warranted for 3 yrs and the ink for 2 years.


Finishing is done in house so edging with Kedar, rope, rod pockets, hems and eyelets are all possible and performed by our team of finishing professionals.


Most jobs are printed and dispatched in 48 hrs meaning a fast delivery for your project. 


The HP Latex 1500's have a feature that makes DOUBLE SIDED BANNER printing a breeze and so display banners onto 600 gsm blockout material are a specialty of ours. Just ask the team for info on finishing these to suit your needs.

 Banner Coating 

The climate can be tough on signage in Queensland.  2 pack coating is one way to extend and protect the printed banner when extended life is required.


This industrial grade coating adds 72 hrs to the production time, however extends up to 50% the life of the banner and ink and is available in Gloss and Matt finish.


The gloss coating can add an anti graffiti protection when required.


This coating has been used in mining applications to prevent penetration of coal dust into the surface of banners used underground or in extreme locations.

Click Here To Visit Gallery For Examples of Our Signage and Print Work


Just let our team know of your requirements and we will be happy to customise the product to your needs.   Call Steve on 0402 917 667 or use the contact form [Click Here]

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