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Autex Acoustic Panels - Custom Printed and Shaped

Acoustic Tiles - Used Correctly Can Minimise Your Workplace Noise Problems While Upgrading The Impact On Visitors AND Increasing Your Team's Productivity...

Almost every workplace has an area where noise and negatively impact on the environment, and therefore the people working in it.

In large open areas you can apply full wall panels (with custom printing to maximise the impact for your business or organization) - to control the reverberation and echo effects as seen below.

Townsville Enterprise - Acoustic Panel Office Noise Control.jpg

With Autex Acoustic Panels you can also have the panels custom cut to any shape and size so you can apply the panels to any location for a great effect.  For example, placing panels on the walls of our tea room made a massive difference to the ambience (and confidentiality!) of the room.   The same principles apply to offices and meeting rooms.  

Within any group of people in a meeting, there is always a large variation in the voice of the participants.  Some speak softly while others deliver with powerful and enthusiastic voices that may be heard in the adjoining spaces and corridors.  These panels give you the ability to "mop up" excess noise - in most rooms.  This means you get to control the environment and deliver a "quality" perception to your clients while helping your team with productivity.

Acoustic Substrate for Sound Reduction Interior Townsville Lamont.JPG
Autex Acoustic Timber - Reception area - Lamont Townsville.jpg

Lamont Signs has the ability to custom print almost any artwork you can imagine onto Autex Panels (check out the video above), and shape the panels to fit your design needs.  A simple example of this would be putting your logo onto an acoustic panel for mounting behind your reception desk.

There is a great range of panels you can use as part of your design.  Many architects are now specifying acoustic panels with either custom printing or with standard variations like the Timber Finish panels.

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